10 Beaches in Hawaii That Will Evoke The Water Baby In You


Hawaii has very different yet magnificent beaches that are actually great vocational destinations you can enjoy with many fun-loving experiences. In this small archipelago, there are white, black and red sand beaches nestled in beautiful bays and rustic coves, and there is even a beach with green sand called Green Sands Beach.

The place is amazingly romantic, picnic spot and hang out travel places to explore different experiences, like long beach’s walks, sunsets locations, foodie stalls and more with your family or even a perfect nomadic location to enjoying the impressive parties and events.

If you wonder what the best beaches in Hawaii are, below is the list:

On The Beaches Of Hawaii:


On this island, the traveler can explore beaches in shades and habitat of white, black and green sand of crystalline waters that are actually calm and relaxed places. In addition, the beaches of Hawaii are inherited with all types of public areas from every old crowd. From those who are looking for large tourist resorts to go with the whole family can hang up there, and even for those who prefer hidden beaches in Hawaii amid jungle and fascinating places for private romantic trips.

The beaches are, without a doubt, yet are the main tourist attraction of Hawaii. So much so, that every year thousands of surfers visit this archipelago with the intention of enjoying their passion in the best waves around the world.

Hamakua Coast:


On the Hamakua coast, the traveler can enjoy a Hawaiian beach in the middle of a jungle garden, the Kolekole. It is a natural beach where you will find a stream crossed by rocks of volcanic origin and with a beautiful waterfall that gives a magical aspect to the place. This beach is really a unique place in the world, so we recommend you during your visit to Hawaii. This beach is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, quite close to the city of Hilo.

Beautiful Beaches Of Kau:


Within the Volcanoes National Park, located on the great island of Hawaii is this lovely beach whose main feature is its black sand. It is an ideal place to watch the green sea turtles swimming and enjoying the water while you lie down to sunbathe. It can be an excellent place to enjoy the sea with your family and observe the life of the Hawaiian fishermen who usually do their work in the sight of tourists.

Cool Costa Hilo:


This beach in Hawaii is full of small pools that are ideal for swimming safely. It is a quite favorite place for the locals, so if you are interested in getting in touch with the Hawaiians, it can be a good option to hang up with the local public. It is worth mentioning that from this beach you can enjoy beautiful views of the Hilo Coast.

Beaches For Children In Hawaii:

Richardson Ocean Centre (ideal to go with children)


Shallow and crystal clear waters characterize this beach in Hawaii. This makes it one of the favorite spots for families with children, to enjoy a beach afternoon with total security.

Due to its enormous popularity, it is a beach equipped with all the services so that tourists can enjoy an afternoon with the family without any difficulty; here you will find areas of bathrooms, parking, showers, and places to camp or picnic.

Happiness At Hapuna Beach:


This is probably the most famous white sand Hawaii beach on the island since it has a wide extension. It is an ideal place for all those who need to have basic comforts and who prefer clean beaches with a comfortable structure rather than rustic ones.

Here there is also parking, bathrooms with showers and spaces to sit and picnic.

Rocky Beach Of Holoholokai:


This beach is one of the most popular among snorkellers given the vast wealth of marine fauna housed on its shores. It is also an interesting place if you like to walk while enjoying fantastic views. Also, if you look closely, you can find old engravings on the lava rocks of this beach.

Kona Coast:


It is also an excellent point to enjoy surfing as well as sunbathing. It is a beach that is very well maintained and perfectly enabled for the enjoyment of tourists. However, it is important to note that it does not have a large parking lot, so it is convenient to arrive early so as not to have difficulties in that sense.

Coast Of Oahu:


This beach is ideal if you are looking for a place to swim at ease. It has very clean and calm waters and is surrounded by palm trees on the coast of extremely soft white sand, which makes it ideal for sunbathing. It is also an excellent point to practice surfing and windsurfing and to ride in canoes or kayaks.

Kapalua Bay:


This beach of golden sand and calm waters is really a paradisiacal place that you should not miss when you come to Hawaii. It has a quiet environment, which makes it a good space in which to go snorkeling or swimming relaxed. It is also an ideal place to spend a lovely afternoon with the family enjoying the sea and the sun.

Lanikai Beach


This beach is ideal if you are looking for a place to swim at ease. It has entirely clean and calm waters and is surrounded by palm trees on the coast of extremely soft white sand, which makes it ideal for sunbathing. It is also an excellent point to practice surfing and windsurfing and to ride in canoes or kayaks.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Dogs the most loving pet across the world, even are considered as best friends to humans. In fact, many types of research claims that friendship with a pet also helps patients to recover fast, so many hospitals allow one a while a visit of their loving pet to patients room, to built witty health. Pets especially dogs are supposed to be the most special companions to humans. They are sporting to caring friends, and decrease humans stress, loneliness, anxiety, and depressive moods. Let’s now scroll below and discuss world’s most expensive dogs.


10. Chow Chow:


This bread commonly known as Chow, is basically one of the expensive dog breeds. The chow breed is quite fluffy, even referred as Puffy-Loin-Dog. This breed of dog is considered as native dogs that are actually the model of Chinese guardian lions (Foo Dogs). Foo Dogs model actually resembles the traditional stone guardians, which are seen in Buddhist temples and palaces. In fact, Chow Chow are one of the ancient dog breeds which exist still today globally. They are thick, fluffy and royal, medium built cute dogs.

9. Pharaoh Hound:


This dog is actually the national dog of Malta and is one of the smart dogs. This dog is Its native name is Kelby talk-Fenek, which means ”Rabbit Dog”. Truly this Malta dog is used for hunting rabbits in Maltese Islands. There is the myth of Pharaoh Hound breed is that there is a link between ancient Egyptian hunting dogs. These are athletic powerful and graceful dogs. Covered with no fluffy fur, but are silky fine coat skin.

8. Akita:


These are mountainous furry dogs belong to the northern region of Japan but this breed is varied with two varieties Japanese Akita and an American Akita. This particular breed of dog has the double furry coat, removes spitz breed of Siberian Husky but long hairs coated dogs. These dogs are sensitive to immune vaccines, drugs insecticides, anesthetics, and tranquilizers.

7. Chinese Crested Hairless:

Chinese Crested (Hairless)-1.jpg-0

This breed of dog is hairless, but basically comes in two kinds of varieties, with and without fur termed as Hairless and Powder Puff breed. These dogs are not affected with any kind of congenital diseases that are found in other toy dogs.

6. Tibetan Mastiff:

red tibetan mastiff dog

This particular fluffy furry dog breed of (Canis lupus familiar), found in Tibet, India, Mongolia and Nepal. The purpose to breed Tibetan Mastiff dogs by local people of the area is to protect and save sheep from bears, leopards, wolves, mustelids and wild dogs of the area. These are nomad dogs and are expected to have a life expectancy of about 10-14 years, with fewer health and genetic problems. Some health issues that are found are hypothyroidism, entropion, ectropion, distichiasis even with skin allergies because are quite furry, the problems include are Demodex, Addison’s Disease, Cushing’s Disease, missing teeth, overbite, underbite, wry moth-malocclusion, cardiac issues epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy many other like elbow or hip dysplasia too. These dogs are quite powerful with the fluffy-furry body but are even able to kill a tiger. They are energetic and powerful breed and are considered as a breed, which can usually go for around $5,000 – $9,000. They seem lazy, sleep during the day but are great guards at night.

5. Canadian Eskimo Dog:


This breed is one of the unique and oldest breeds of dogs in Northern America, called to be as Arctic Breed. This breed is actually and originally from Siberia, which was brought to North America by native hunters, 1,000 years back. A research in 2008 on the claim that this particular breed of dogs is now getting extinct. This is athletic, powerful cute dog, with triangular ears, fluffy-feathery tail, and somehow similar to wolves. Males are more masculine than females. In fact, the size of the dog depends on sex, like males are of 3—40 kg and females 18-30 kg. And these Canadian Eskimo Dogs need great active schedule, sporty and hard work is the key quality of these dogs.

4. German Shepherd:


As its quite easy to understand the origin of this breed from the name itself is Germany. This particular breed is active, powerful and medium to large size dog. This breed is also known as Shepherd Breed commonly worldwide. In Britain and Ireland also termed as Alsatian. This breed of dogs is considered in one of the youngest breeds as originated in the year 1899, mainly as the part of German Herding Groups, or we can say by native people for herding sheep and protecting them from other animals. The ability of power, intelligence, obedience are some key qualities of German Shepherds are nowadays these dogs are the trained for work in searching squads, police, military, rescue, and even in acting/movies.

3. Samoyed:


Is also a herding breed of dogs, commonly found in the pure white shade, with the furry-fluffy feathered coat of hairs. This breed is cuteness overloaded. This breed got its name from the native people of Siberia, Samoyedic peoples. They pet these dogs for herding, and to pull sleds. The another name of the same breed is Bjelkier, especially in Europe. These dogs are now in the list of world’s most expensive dogs and are priced under the tag of $6,000- $12,500. These are cute, playful and loving pets in the family, even are friendly companions to humans in all ages. In fact, the fur of these dogs is used in knitting which is quite similar to angora and is quite warming too.

2. Rottweiler:


This breed is known to be the as bold domestic dog breed, varied in size from medium, to large, even known as German Rottweiler Metzgerhund, which means butcher dog. As with the name it makes a sense of their bold use in herding livestock, pulls carts etc. Rottweiler nowadays is used as guide dogs, in squads to search and to rescues, in police and army dogs with training to help them. Actually, these are one of the oldest breed used in herding by people possibly from Roman Empire. These dogs are inherited with great intelligence and active power, in many challenges. When they are trained they are aggressive to strangers, outsiders and are stubborn pets. They are available in the price tag of almost about $7,000.

1. Lowchen:


This breed is registered as the most expensive dog breed in the world. These are cute toy dogs. They are small and handy pets, even are sporty. This breed is considered as one of the unique breeds. The another name for this toy dog, Lowchen is Little Lion Dog, which is considered as rarest dog globally. These cute Little Lions comes in many shades and colors, from dark to light, coated with long flowing hairs, Lowchen is friendly, fluffy, happy dogs. Their friendly nature makes them smartly active, playful with owners. Lowchen are great domestic companions to family and friends need human care, attention, In fact, they are sad when left alone from the longer span.

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